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Sep 2, 2012

Myfreecams models Most common MFC mistakes Myfreecams Camgirls make how to

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Myfreecams girls One of the most difficult things about working as a camgirl on Myfreecams or any other cam site, is that there are no tutorials on how to be successful as a camgirl. Those camgirls that have found a winning formula do not share it with other girls. However, there is an exception to that rule which I will discuss at the end of this article.

So let us start with the 5 common mistakes camgirls make when they start working on a camsite. This is specific to Myfreecams, but I am sure these rules apply to any camsite.

1) my free cam Girls that don't talk to members or they ignore the room

Believe it or not, communications is the most important part of a camgirl's performance. It is her communications to her audience that pulls the audience in or not. I have been in chatrooms where Chaturbate models just sit there waiting for something to happen. They don't do anything at all. The most annoying models to watch are those that are busy texting on their phones or chatting on Skype or some other site. These models completely ignore their chatrooms hoping that someone is going to tip them. Sometimes they get lucky, but most of the time if you are not actively working your room, they you reap what you sow. Basically, if you don't do anything, then expect nothing.

So what should a model be doing? If you watch the top models, they are constantly talking to their audience. Sometimes it may be difficult because the audience doesn't always talk back, but at the very least you should be actively talking. Some models welcome each member that enters their room. This builds a personal experience for them. The main point is to talk to the members and to pay attention to your room.

2) MFC cam girls don't understand naked

What this means is that many camgirls believe that if they start off naked, they'll start to get tips. If this was true then all the models on Myfreecams would be successfully getting tips all the time. There are models that are always naked and don't get tipped. Why? The reason is because members want more than just to see a naked camgirl. This ties into the first rule above. Naked is not as effective unless you are talking, engaging and building your customer experience. There are a few models that have started off as non-nude and have become successful mainly because they know how to talk to their audience. There may be some other factors that have caused that type of success, but communications is a big part. There is a trend that as a model gets more and more successful, she gets less and less naked. The point here is that nakedness does not automatically equal tips unless it is tied into something else.

3) My Free Girls don't market themselves

Again we see models that just sit in their rooms waiting for people to come. They don't realize that there are many tools online that can help bring them more followers or members. The first and easiest tool to use on Myfreecams is the Newsfeed. Just go in there and announce that you are online or that you are doing a show or something. There are members out there that have added you to their favorites without you even knowing it. If you use the Newsfeed tool, then you are automatically letting them know to come visit you.

Other tools that are helpful are Twitter, Facebook and even other members and models. If you get a loyal or regular member, that person can easily pass your name around via the member lounge or some of his friends. Twitter is a big one that helps build a big following. Of course you also have your profile where you can market yourself even more. Set it up, add your rules and incentives that can help other members know what you want.

4) My free cams girls don't understand the camscore

It is not surprising that many camgirls and regular members don't understand the camscore. In it's most simplified explanation your camscore equals how many tokens you make per hour. If you do not make tokens in an hour then you don't make money and your camscore falls. If you make lots of tokens each hour, you are making money and your camscore goes up. That is as simple an explanation there is to it. So if you are a camgirl and you are sitting there for an 8 hour shift but only made tokens in 1 hour, then your camscore is going to fall very fast. If you want to make tokens, then you have to start marketing yourself, talking to members and working every tool you can to get some tokens.

5) Myfreecams girls sometimes don't set goals and incentives

OK, maybe every camgirl does have a goal in mind, but they need to break it down into something manageable for their members to grasp. For example, if you are a European camgirl, then you know that you have to make a minimum of 20,000 tokens in order to get paid. So in a 2 week period, if you can manage to make 1,000 tokens each hour, then you can work 4 hours each day for 5 days straight to make 20,000 tokens. But how do you break this goal down into something more manageable? One way is to offer flashes for a low token price, like 20 or 40 tokens. I have noticed some successful models that do this and they get a lot of tips during their one hour. The point is to set low tip amounts with immediate incentives for members. This way they tip quickly and help you to get to your goal faster. You can setup tip games, raffles or any other method to bring in more tips in an hour.

Lastly, there are many resources on the net to help you learn more. One of the best ones out there is Ambercutie's forum. There is a model section there were other models share some of their secrets for success. If you are new or an existing model I highly recommend you Google Ambercutie's forum.

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