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Feb 10, 2013

Wishlists - For myfreecams or chaturbate webcam girls

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How to make a myfreecams or chaturbate Wishlist for webcam girls

So your a webcam  girl and people people are asking to buy you gifts. What should you do?  

Sometimes adult chat members will want pictures and videos in exchange for gifts which can be received on the wishlist sites listed before such as amazon.com. Sometimes your chat room members just want to indulge you a little. There are few things you need to know about when dealing with wishlists. I have not fully researched them but intend to add more to this post when I do.

The importance of wishlists for Adult chat site models and members

All adult chat and webcam girls should  be very careful about  choosing a wishlist site. Research The wishlists sites. how they view adult content websites and decide if  you will use your real name or if you choose to use them at all. If it is easy for a cam girl on or any adult website worker to use a P.O box that is out of state or have your mail forwarded, then you don't really have to worry. 

Can members get my real name or information from my wishlist?

The only thing you need to worry about in this case is a third party vendor. Third party vendors can send confirmation to the buyer that contains your personal and real information. Listed below are some wishlists you can set up.

The Best Most used Cam girl Wishlist sites

  • Amazon - I personally only use Amazon for E-gift cards. A fan or client can purchase an E-gift card for you with only an email address. Even gift cards added from another site will only have your email address as information. Just ask them to fill out the information form with your stage name. E-gift cards can be redeemed online at the appropriate store. Be aware that Amazon will show your real name on your wishlist if you do not set it up correctly. Also be aware that, unless you have a mail forwarding system, that Amazon will show your city and state. As I mention above, anything added from a third party vendor can have a confirmation receipt sent to the buyer that could contain all your real and personal information. When signing up for an Amazon wishlist, you can opt to install a universal wishlist button on your internet toolbar. This button will allow you to add items from other sites onto your list. These "other sites" are what I referred to as third party vendors. If you are an amateur camgirl, do not mess with Amazon until you have a secure and safe way to receive packages.
  • Eden Fantasys - This wishlist is one of the best I have found so far. It will only display your screen name and state. No personal information is exchanged between either the buyer or the model ever. The buyer will need to make an account with this site before they are allowed to gift an item to you however. It's no big deal, but make sure you explain this to someone who is interested in making a purchase. It can be a confusing and annoying process if you do not warn them. Once a purchase is made, the model will get a confirmation email where she is able to review the items purchased and track them.
  • Victoria's Secret - Victoria's secret is another site that allows gifts to be sent out and more and more models are receiving gifts through victoria's secret. i personally have not used it and can't vouch for how to set up a wishlist on victoria's secret or if a model or cam girl can even use it for a wishlist. Some sites actually don't allow wishlists to be set up on any site containing adult content which myfreecams and chaturbate both have. Due to the live sex shows and adult video chat nature of mfc, chaturbate and other webcam sites  you can also not use paypal. so wishlists are the best alternative

  • Fredericks of Hollywood - I have seen this site popping up more and more with cam girls and video chat models profiles lately. The wishlists are very detailed and they do seem to allow adult chat models to receive gifts. So if you are a cam girl and are looking for a new site to try a wishlist on you can try here

Webcam Members and models should be wary of non reputable sites and scams!

If you are an adult chat site member looking to give a gift to a model you should really consider using their wishlist. Because you can't give a donation or monetary gift using paypal. wishlists are the next safest option. If you see a model advertising a wishlist for an unheard of non reputable site you may want to think twice and do some research. also watch out for western union scams as many models that are not honest and trustworthy will ask you to send money through western union for whatever reason. Be wary of this and ask questions. do your own research and most of all be safe. happy webcam chatting.hope you enjoy getting or giving your gifts. 
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