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Mar 29, 2013

Chaturbate chat while watching cams like the MFC lounge

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Chaturbate chat lounge - Member to member chat while watching the live cams

Well it is official chaturbate now has a lounge. The chaturbate lounge is ran by a private chaturbate support group active in all aspects of live adult webcams and free cam2cam. For so long myfreecams was the only free cam site with a member to member chat lounge. But now thanks to some dedicated chaturbaters. Chaturbate now has a lounge too. 

This amazing new chaturbate site has so many features it will make your head spin. First of all you can watch any live cam on chaturbate FREE through the freecamloader website. on top of that of course you have your general lounge features similar to what is found in the myfreecams member chat lounge. The chaturbate lounge chat loads up right along side each and every embedded live cam. So you have 2 chatrooms. the chaturbate lounge chatroom and the chaturbate cams chat room itself. 

You can post links in the lounge chat room to different member rooms on chaturbate and discuss them. And if that isn't enough. You can also engage in free webcam chat with other members in the chaturbate lounge itself. Yes although they are a private support site they spared no expense. Webcam chat is available. And yes they are still using the IRC server base at irc.cambater.com. What's that? IRC with webcam support? Yep. It was no easy task i am sure. As i have seen many fail with this particular method. However at freecamloader it's implemented perfectly. 

So all these features make this new site one of the most original and innovative twists on a free cam site we have seen. However the final feature we will mention here is what truly sets this site apart from all the other chaturbate sites,  free cam sites, white label sites, or adult sites in general. 

Free chaturbate cams and free tube videos

Tube video archive 100,000+ tube videos supplied from redtube. Built into the interface just exactly the same as the chaturbate cams are. So when you click on a tube video you can watch that tube porn vid right along side the chaturbate lounge just as if it were a chaturbate free cam. WOW folks i haven't seen a new adult site look so sweet since the 90s. And to top it all off it is completely and totally 100% free. Free cam2cam, free live webcams, free cam chat, free tube vids, free forum, and the list goes on. 

Thanks to everybody over at freecamloader for coming out with such a great site and letting me give this review a 5 star rating.

Mar 20, 2013

Myfreecams - Free tokens - truth about My own myfreecams Free tokens

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Myfreecams free tokens - Such a mysterious thing to somebody who has never played the free cams free tokens game. But to those like me that have been there and climbed the myfreecams free tokens ladder to success and lived to tell the story. It's a whole different world. If your also someone who is riding the mfc free token train on the expressway to success just remember one thing. Free tokens are just that. myfreecams free tokens. Not cash but a made up form of currency that does not even exist. You may look at it like you are doing myfreecams a favor. But are you?

The truth is this traffic you are sending to myfreecams is worth much more then what they are paying you for it. And in the end what are they paying you exactly? nothing, just free tokens. And you are giving them great referrals that can lead to thousands and thousands of dollars profit for them. So what would their thanks to you be. To reward you with a bonus account or a massive bonus load of free tokens. Not quite. If it is anything like what happened in my myfreecams free token experience. They will look for a reason to ban you. A way that they can easily stop paying for your referrals. Even though your link may be spread across hte 7 seas of the internet.

Once i was riding the mfc free token train to glory i was earning about 5000 free mfc tokens per day. But as i said before. I like many others relized the true value of the traffic that i was sending to them. So i decided to put just a few links to chaturbate, A newer free cam site that pays actuall money for referrals. Chaturbate does have a free tokens program similar to myfreecams, But they also offer cash instead. Either a 1 dollar pay per free sign up rate. Or the program that i prefer 20 % revenue sharing. And the potential for long term monetary rewards for my live adult webcam traffic.

Everything was great at first i was still getting plenty of myfreecams free tokens but occasionally i was getting chaturbate sign ups as well. That is when my myfreecams account was suddenly banned from mfc. Why? i guess because i was making to many free tokens even without trying they were rolling in like crazy. As my mama always used to tell me. When something sounds to good to be true. It probably is. So the free token train stopped there. I did email back and forth to myfreecams and my account was restored for a short time. But when they found out i was supporting chaturbate on some other blogs they again banned me. And this time even threatened to sue me.

So needless to say i do not participate in the myfreecams free tokens program anymore. However i am very happy where i am at today sending all of my referrals to chaturbate. The reward has been far greater then the free tokens i would have received on MFC. Since referring members to chaturbate earns me real cash. I have been able to quit my job and now i refer members to webcam sites like i was with myfreecams. But i do instead of having a worthless pile of tokens that i would be forced to give to an ungreatful cam model. I have cold hard cash to do with as i please.

Weather you are involved in the myfreecams free tokens game, streamate gold shows or chaturbate referrals. there is one thing we can agree on and that is for the continued growth and success of the unbelievably popular new sector of the adult online entertainment industry such as live adult webcam sites like MFC and chaturbate.

Myfreecams free cams may have finally met its match
Chaturbate  free cams is Now officially the best free cams site of 2012. Chaturbate has exploded onto the scene blowing away much of the competition. If you take a look at google friends you will see the insane amount of growth that Chaturbate is getting

Chaturbating free cams now If you havn't seeen them go here now  chaturbate check chaturbate free cams out. If you thought myfreecams had a lot of free cams you hvan't seen anything yet. Chaturbate free cams are Everywhere. Because any normal user can broadcast. It is easy to find girls, couples, or guys chaturbating in free  video chat.

<script src='http://chaturbate.com/affiliates/promotools/popup/zI1pP/popchaturbaterevshare.js' type='text/javascript'></script>

Mar 3, 2013

Sign up to MFC now and get 200 FREE bonus tokens

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MyFreecams Free tokens at my free cams.com

You will receive 200 free MFC tokens when Funding with 20$ to become a premium member. You will never lose the benefits of becoming a premium  account. Chat with girls anytime without getting muted by myfreecams models

Or watch as many girls as you want in our myfreecams style lounge

Myfreecams  free tokens by popular demand A working MFC referral link that you can use to create your own Myfreecams BAF "bring a friend" account. will give free tokens when new account is registered and 200 tokens when account is funded here is the link. Click To join Myfreecams FREE How To get Free tokens on MyFreeCams - using a promotional referral link. So here it is. MFC referral link that gives the free tokens That WILL give you your own BAF link to send to others. Every time someone joins you will get FREE Myfreecams tokens .Myfreecams Now a good link may not be easy to find.  There are many sites claiming to give free tokens but check carefully because many are just dummy sites pointing to spamware and spyware. The real working referral links will be a my free cams address.. (update my link is no longer working myfreecams no longer supports this blog. new site coming soon)

One site that claims to give free my free cams tokens actually sends you to a spam site where you must click multiple links fill out surveys and then eventually it sends you a file that is nothing more then spamwire. The site claims that free tokens will be magically transfered into your account by this program. Now this would be very popular if it was true but of course if it sounds to good to be true. it probably is.

You may also find many promotional referral links such as the one above that no work. This is because most of the links out there on the web have been spammed on chatrooms and newsgroups and no longer work. This link will continue to be valid because it is not being spammed anywhere and only being posted here due to high demand and requests from multiple people. It is also recommended to clear cookies before clicking the link, due to the fact that if you have already recently logged into mfc it may not consider you a new member. enjoy the link here it is one more time How to get Myfreecams Free tokens.

nge while chatting with other premium members. The lounge is totally off limits to Myfreecams cam girls and you'' also get  200 tokens when registering the premium My free cam account. FREE

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