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Mar 29, 2013

Chaturbate chat while watching cams like the MFC lounge

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Chaturbate chat lounge - Member to member chat while watching the live cams

Well it is official chaturbate now has a lounge. The chaturbate lounge is ran by a private chaturbate support group active in all aspects of live adult webcams and free cam2cam. For so long myfreecams was the only free cam site with a member to member chat lounge. But now thanks to some dedicated chaturbaters. Chaturbate now has a lounge too. 

This amazing new chaturbate site has so many features it will make your head spin. First of all you can watch any live cam on chaturbate FREE through the freecamloader website. on top of that of course you have your general lounge features similar to what is found in the myfreecams member chat lounge. The chaturbate lounge chat loads up right along side each and every embedded live cam. So you have 2 chatrooms. the chaturbate lounge chatroom and the chaturbate cams chat room itself. 

You can post links in the lounge chat room to different member rooms on chaturbate and discuss them. And if that isn't enough. You can also engage in free webcam chat with other members in the chaturbate lounge itself. Yes although they are a private support site they spared no expense. Webcam chat is available. And yes they are still using the IRC server base at irc.cambater.com. What's that? IRC with webcam support? Yep. It was no easy task i am sure. As i have seen many fail with this particular method. However at freecamloader it's implemented perfectly. 

So all these features make this new site one of the most original and innovative twists on a free cam site we have seen. However the final feature we will mention here is what truly sets this site apart from all the other chaturbate sites,  free cam sites, white label sites, or adult sites in general. 

Free chaturbate cams and free tube videos

Tube video archive 100,000+ tube videos supplied from redtube. Built into the interface just exactly the same as the chaturbate cams are. So when you click on a tube video you can watch that tube porn vid right along side the chaturbate lounge just as if it were a chaturbate free cam. WOW folks i haven't seen a new adult site look so sweet since the 90s. And to top it all off it is completely and totally 100% free. Free cam2cam, free live webcams, free cam chat, free tube vids, free forum, and the list goes on. 

Thanks to everybody over at freecamloader for coming out with such a great site and letting me give this review a 5 star rating.

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