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May 25, 2013

MyFreecams vs Chaturbate cams best free tokens

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Myfreecams vs Chaturbate Free cams.

Why people are calling Chaturbate the new. Myfreecams Without even requiring an email address to sign up Chaturbate has The best "Free cams" of any adult sex cam website

Chaturbate click if you wanna skip the Information and go straight to the live free cams Chaturbate is a  Very new Free member webcam site. I say free member because unlike myfreecams. (Current most popular adult webcam Site) 

 Chaturbate doesn't even require an email address to sign up free. 

Broadcast your webcam live and make money, or chat with other members Free Chaturbate's Cam shows are Similar to Myfreecams But why are people calling Chaturbate the "New Myfreecams." 

Myfreecams basically revolutionized the entire Adult web cam video chat industry, and divided webcam sites as we know them into 2 Era's Pre MFC, and post MFC. But recently all that has changed when Chaturbate exploded onto the scene out of nowhere. To understand fully. 

 Let's start at the beginning for those of you that don't remember how the old adult webcam sites used to be. But first take a look at this google trends screencap. Which clearly shows the explosion of growth from Chaturbate. If you want to skip straight to why Chaturbate is the new MFC skip the next paragraph. If you don't give a fuck and just want the free hardcore public cam shows just go straight to Chaturbate It is COMPLETELY FREE to register a regular user account just like My free cams.

Myfreecams may be the most popular cam girl video chat website but it is far from the oldest or most established Free cams, The 2 most well known original Free web cams websites that come to mind are Livejasmin , Streamate, flirt4free. Although you could hardly call them free cams sites back then. In the old days of Adult video chat sites you only had a couple options for getting Cam shows. There was normal Private. The girls set their own price for pvt and it could range anywhere from about 1.50 per minute for Cheap dirty girls. The more popular girls could charge anywhere up to 5.$ per minute or more.. This was for a private that was basically a group because other people could join in the private at the same rate. no discount like the Voyeur modes that you see on free cams sites today. Then there was the 2nd type of private. Similar to myfreecams "true private" Streamate called it "exclusive" Other cam sites called it by different names but it was still the same thing. a very expensive true private where you were forced to go if you wanted any type of decent show. Then along came Myfreecams. The introduction of public webcam shows on a large scale. Where the main form of shows done by the girls are FREE Cam Shows. and in public chat. Instead of 1 user paying a very high price Many members could get together and help pay for better, longer, public shows. This was great for the members but the people who get most benefit are the basic member accounts. who don't tip for the shows. but still chat and make requests. With myfreecams being so insanely good compared to the others for free members. It spread like wildfire Forcing the other webcam sites to either add new features and offers to compete or get crushed as many of the original webcam sites were. And that brings us to now. as you can see from the picture above it took Myfreecams almost 4 years to catch livejasmin in search trends. But at the current rate of growth Chaturbate will catch myfreecams in less then half that. Now i will explain why people are going crazy chaturbating at the newest Free cams site Chaturbate


has a very similar feel to myfreecams. I think this was the best thing they could do rather then try to makea new adult webcam site feel Chaturbate went with what people were used to. Chaturbate took the approach of looking and feeling the same as my free cams. So guests are immediately comfortable. And soon create Free Member accounts Which like myfreecams offers the insanely successful  Free token for referring friends program.. of course Chaturbater also  has private and group options like the rest. But like myfreecams you don't see that very much. The reason is because public shows are so convenient for members and models. So far you probably think it sounds exactly the same as myfreecams. which let's admit, would still be better then the other adult chat cam sex sites. But there are a couple of very important differences that set Chaturbate apart from the crowd. 1st and in my opinion most importantly There is no camscore system. I won't go into details about the camscore system but it is the most often criticized things about myfreecams.

The inside workings of MFC's "Camscore" system which ranks models and then lists them very high up onto the front web page

Camscore basically determines the order in which models are listed on the front page. or in lower camscore cases 2nd 3rd page etc.. Since camscore is a complicated formula of Money earned divided by hours online. (with many more smaller factors) It causes models to get extremely impatient if they don't receive tips fast enough. And rightfully so they are worried that if they spend to long on cam. Their camscore will drop thus pushing their link even further down the pages. This also sometimes limits the length and quality of the public shows because models will want to get done as quick as they can so they can either get offline and stop camscore from decreasing. or start another show countdown.

Chaturbate has better features then  most free cam sites. 

 But with chaturbate. The system in my opinion is much a much better and cleaner formula. On chaturbate each model can have followers. :Like adding a model to your friends list but It pushes the order in which they are listed up. it also takes into account other things tokens earned. total # of people in the room on average etc. But nowhere in the formula does it penalize the models for staying online and doing what they are there to do. Work and provide shows for members. on chaturbate instead of a model wanting to finish a show quickly and leave to preserve camscore. they may want to do an even longer better show to get more members in their room and more followers. Which creaters a bigger fan base. And pushes you higher up the list.

The chaturbate 100% FREE business model. Free chaturbate come and get it

Chaturbate has one other very important difference that puts them far ahead of even the current Best free-cams website. They are very picky with who is allowed to broadcast when it comes to studios and low quality cams. So not only are the models on the site better. The lack of studios means there are MANY fewer models on the site. This in a way is great for the members and models. because with less models and more members. Each models room will have more members in it. which makes it easier for the cam girls to get tips. and also easier for members and less expensive because more people are helping with countdowns. In fact i have seen countdowns drop so fast that some girls will make public show after show. of course for some of those rooms 1000 people are watching free at all times. But there are more then enough paying members to get the public shows going fast so the Free cam watching members don't have to wait so long feeling awkward that they can't tip While the girls are screaming at people she needs to go offline before her cam score drops. There are some other features such as fanclubs and hourly room bonuses plus more. At this point i think i have said enough. I'll let you head on over to Chaturbate by clicking the link at the top of this website. And see for yourself why people are calling Chaturbate Free Cams the "New" Myfreecams

Mar 29, 2013

Chaturbate chat while watching cams like the MFC lounge

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Chaturbate chat lounge - Member to member chat while watching the live cams

Well it is official chaturbate now has a lounge. The chaturbate lounge is ran by a private chaturbate support group active in all aspects of live adult webcams and free cam2cam. For so long myfreecams was the only free cam site with a member to member chat lounge. But now thanks to some dedicated chaturbaters. Chaturbate now has a lounge too. 

This amazing new chaturbate site has so many features it will make your head spin. First of all you can watch any live cam on chaturbate FREE through the freecamloader website. on top of that of course you have your general lounge features similar to what is found in the myfreecams member chat lounge. The chaturbate lounge chat loads up right along side each and every embedded live cam. So you have 2 chatrooms. the chaturbate lounge chatroom and the chaturbate cams chat room itself. 

You can post links in the lounge chat room to different member rooms on chaturbate and discuss them. And if that isn't enough. You can also engage in free webcam chat with other members in the chaturbate lounge itself. Yes although they are a private support site they spared no expense. Webcam chat is available. And yes they are still using the IRC server base at irc.cambater.com. What's that? IRC with webcam support? Yep. It was no easy task i am sure. As i have seen many fail with this particular method. However at freecamloader it's implemented perfectly. 

So all these features make this new site one of the most original and innovative twists on a free cam site we have seen. However the final feature we will mention here is what truly sets this site apart from all the other chaturbate sites,  free cam sites, white label sites, or adult sites in general. 

Free chaturbate cams and free tube videos

Tube video archive 100,000+ tube videos supplied from redtube. Built into the interface just exactly the same as the chaturbate cams are. So when you click on a tube video you can watch that tube porn vid right along side the chaturbate lounge just as if it were a chaturbate free cam. WOW folks i haven't seen a new adult site look so sweet since the 90s. And to top it all off it is completely and totally 100% free. Free cam2cam, free live webcams, free cam chat, free tube vids, free forum, and the list goes on. 

Thanks to everybody over at freecamloader for coming out with such a great site and letting me give this review a 5 star rating.

Mar 20, 2013

Myfreecams - Free tokens - truth about My own myfreecams Free tokens

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Myfreecams free tokens - Such a mysterious thing to somebody who has never played the free cams free tokens game. But to those like me that have been there and climbed the myfreecams free tokens ladder to success and lived to tell the story. It's a whole different world. If your also someone who is riding the mfc free token train on the expressway to success just remember one thing. Free tokens are just that. myfreecams free tokens. Not cash but a made up form of currency that does not even exist. You may look at it like you are doing myfreecams a favor. But are you?

The truth is this traffic you are sending to myfreecams is worth much more then what they are paying you for it. And in the end what are they paying you exactly? nothing, just free tokens. And you are giving them great referrals that can lead to thousands and thousands of dollars profit for them. So what would their thanks to you be. To reward you with a bonus account or a massive bonus load of free tokens. Not quite. If it is anything like what happened in my myfreecams free token experience. They will look for a reason to ban you. A way that they can easily stop paying for your referrals. Even though your link may be spread across hte 7 seas of the internet.

Once i was riding the mfc free token train to glory i was earning about 5000 free mfc tokens per day. But as i said before. I like many others relized the true value of the traffic that i was sending to them. So i decided to put just a few links to chaturbate, A newer free cam site that pays actuall money for referrals. Chaturbate does have a free tokens program similar to myfreecams, But they also offer cash instead. Either a 1 dollar pay per free sign up rate. Or the program that i prefer 20 % revenue sharing. And the potential for long term monetary rewards for my live adult webcam traffic.

Everything was great at first i was still getting plenty of myfreecams free tokens but occasionally i was getting chaturbate sign ups as well. That is when my myfreecams account was suddenly banned from mfc. Why? i guess because i was making to many free tokens even without trying they were rolling in like crazy. As my mama always used to tell me. When something sounds to good to be true. It probably is. So the free token train stopped there. I did email back and forth to myfreecams and my account was restored for a short time. But when they found out i was supporting chaturbate on some other blogs they again banned me. And this time even threatened to sue me.

So needless to say i do not participate in the myfreecams free tokens program anymore. However i am very happy where i am at today sending all of my referrals to chaturbate. The reward has been far greater then the free tokens i would have received on MFC. Since referring members to chaturbate earns me real cash. I have been able to quit my job and now i refer members to webcam sites like i was with myfreecams. But i do instead of having a worthless pile of tokens that i would be forced to give to an ungreatful cam model. I have cold hard cash to do with as i please.

Weather you are involved in the myfreecams free tokens game, streamate gold shows or chaturbate referrals. there is one thing we can agree on and that is for the continued growth and success of the unbelievably popular new sector of the adult online entertainment industry such as live adult webcam sites like MFC and chaturbate.

Myfreecams free cams may have finally met its match
Chaturbate  free cams is Now officially the best free cams site of 2012. Chaturbate has exploded onto the scene blowing away much of the competition. If you take a look at google friends you will see the insane amount of growth that Chaturbate is getting

Chaturbating free cams now If you havn't seeen them go here now  chaturbate check chaturbate free cams out. If you thought myfreecams had a lot of free cams you hvan't seen anything yet. Chaturbate free cams are Everywhere. Because any normal user can broadcast. It is easy to find girls, couples, or guys chaturbating in free  video chat.

<script src='http://chaturbate.com/affiliates/promotools/popup/zI1pP/popchaturbaterevshare.js' type='text/javascript'></script>

Mar 3, 2013

Sign up to MFC now and get 200 FREE bonus tokens

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MyFreecams Free tokens at my free cams.com

You will receive 200 free MFC tokens when Funding with 20$ to become a premium member. You will never lose the benefits of becoming a premium  account. Chat with girls anytime without getting muted by myfreecams models

Or watch as many girls as you want in our myfreecams style lounge

Myfreecams  free tokens by popular demand A working MFC referral link that you can use to create your own Myfreecams BAF "bring a friend" account. will give free tokens when new account is registered and 200 tokens when account is funded here is the link. Click To join Myfreecams FREE How To get Free tokens on MyFreeCams - using a promotional referral link. So here it is. MFC referral link that gives the free tokens That WILL give you your own BAF link to send to others. Every time someone joins you will get FREE Myfreecams tokens .Myfreecams Now a good link may not be easy to find.  There are many sites claiming to give free tokens but check carefully because many are just dummy sites pointing to spamware and spyware. The real working referral links will be a my free cams address.. (update my link is no longer working myfreecams no longer supports this blog. new site coming soon)

One site that claims to give free my free cams tokens actually sends you to a spam site where you must click multiple links fill out surveys and then eventually it sends you a file that is nothing more then spamwire. The site claims that free tokens will be magically transfered into your account by this program. Now this would be very popular if it was true but of course if it sounds to good to be true. it probably is.

You may also find many promotional referral links such as the one above that no work. This is because most of the links out there on the web have been spammed on chatrooms and newsgroups and no longer work. This link will continue to be valid because it is not being spammed anywhere and only being posted here due to high demand and requests from multiple people. It is also recommended to clear cookies before clicking the link, due to the fact that if you have already recently logged into mfc it may not consider you a new member. enjoy the link here it is one more time How to get Myfreecams Free tokens.

nge while chatting with other premium members. The lounge is totally off limits to Myfreecams cam girls and you'' also get  200 tokens when registering the premium My free cam account. FREE

Feb 15, 2013

Now part of the chaturbate lounge network Free adult webcam chat

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We now offer a Totally free member chat room to chat in while you view the free adult webcams from chaturbate

we have joined forces with the chaturbate lounge network. Providing a place where members can come to chat about the live sex cam show in the featured embedded cam slot next to the chat room!

This chat room is totally un censored and will remain this way. It is also 100% free to anybody. Including guests, members, models, performers, broadcasters, webmasters, admins and anybody else that wants to join. Chat about anything you want but especially chat about the live cam show. 

For years only myfreecams had a lounge chat room. Now chaturbate has a lounge. It is accessible from many different blogs including this one. The free chaturbatez lounge, The chaturbate lounge, cambater and more. 

What are you waiting for. Go to the top of this post. Look next to the free adult webcam show from chaturbate. it should be on the left side of that. enter a chat name and click connect. that's it you are now in the chaturbate lounge and you can say whatever you want. 

Big props to pat webber and the crew from the chaturbatez lounge for coming up with the idea. Members including myself have been requesting a lounge room for chaturbate for ages. It was the only thing holding chaturbate back from totally surpassing MFC in every way shape and form. And the one problem that the myfreecams lounge, and lounge1000 always had, is that it was premium members only! not here, no way!
This is anything goes totally anonymous chat. Also earn ranks for chatting, titles, rewards, and even Yes, FREE TOKENS. That's right in our first chaturbate lounge contest we will be giving away free tokens. The contest terms are yet to be decided as we just launched the release of the new chat room for chaturbate

With the support of the chaturbate lounge network, Chaturbate will soon become if it is not already, the top live adult webcam server in the world. You can get your free cams. Without tokens or credit card. Without any signing up and without even an email address. And now you can chat with other members as well as chat with the models themselves.

Enjoy the chat room. And, Enjoy the free adult webcams

Feb 13, 2013

Myfreecams BEST Free cams make money at chaturbate

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Myfreecams free cams Affiliate Webmaster Free token program. 

Compared vs. the best Free Cams Adult webmaster affiliate programs.

 Chaturbate, mfc, Flirt4free, myfreecams.com, livejasmin, streamate, cam4, peekshows, imlive,  camsters, cams.com, Awempire, livebucks, VS video secrets. How to make cash money as a webmaster. Click here to make money as a Model on Free cams sites like MFC myfreecams chaturbte etc keep reading below for how to make money with webcams as an adult webmaster afilliate.

My Free Cams Adult Webmaster Affilliate program site list of all Adult video chat webcam and Private video download Porn tube afilliate programs. 

These adult afilliate sites are large Advertising Websites that provide webmaster affiliate programs for many different adult websites. Each one will usually offer between 10 and 20 different adult websites of all types to advertise for referrals. Each one usually offers some Free cams adult video chat webcam sites. and also some Free private video download archive sites. and some porn tube type hardcore sex video sites
and each one of these large Advertising websites will have a list of promotional tools available for your use.

For instance you can choose to use normal links that you can send out via social media such as facebook, twitter, tumblr, blogger, my space my fuck book, or any of those type of sites. Or you can pick from a list of promotional marketing tools like banners. full page ads, half page ads. embedded live video chat rooms, zipped picture galleries, hosted sex video previews, a variety of iframe apps and the list goes on. My favorite promotional tool howevere. Which is offered by most of the affiliate webmaster sites listed is called the "white label" or "co-brand" site. Which put simply is basically a clone of a Free cams site like livejasmin, streamate, chaturbate, myfreecams, flirt4free etc.

You can either use your own domain name. or a subdomain name of a pre cobranded website. I prefer to use my own domain name. For example one of my own free cams white label sites Flirt4free in this case can be found here  Flirt4free.myfreecamsloader.com. As you can see its all the same cam girls found on the normal flirt4free site. but with a different skin. my own logo and my own SEO search engine optimization meta data. (note. Not all white-label tools are created equal some of the sites have very simple clean fast tools. others may require additional setup.) Here is the complete list of the larger sites that i have current registered webmaster affiliate accounts with.

The list columns represent the Website name, Small list or example of the best free cams sites ofered in each afilliate program. then If they offer white label or cobrand sites. and a few additional details. for full information on each one click the name of the website.

Feb 10, 2013

Wishlists - For myfreecams or chaturbate webcam girls

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How to make a myfreecams or chaturbate Wishlist for webcam girls

So your a webcam  girl and people people are asking to buy you gifts. What should you do?  

Sometimes adult chat members will want pictures and videos in exchange for gifts which can be received on the wishlist sites listed before such as amazon.com. Sometimes your chat room members just want to indulge you a little. There are few things you need to know about when dealing with wishlists. I have not fully researched them but intend to add more to this post when I do.

The importance of wishlists for Adult chat site models and members

All adult chat and webcam girls should  be very careful about  choosing a wishlist site. Research The wishlists sites. how they view adult content websites and decide if  you will use your real name or if you choose to use them at all. If it is easy for a cam girl on or any adult website worker to use a P.O box that is out of state or have your mail forwarded, then you don't really have to worry. 

Can members get my real name or information from my wishlist?

The only thing you need to worry about in this case is a third party vendor. Third party vendors can send confirmation to the buyer that contains your personal and real information. Listed below are some wishlists you can set up.

The Best Most used Cam girl Wishlist sites

  • Amazon - I personally only use Amazon for E-gift cards. A fan or client can purchase an E-gift card for you with only an email address. Even gift cards added from another site will only have your email address as information. Just ask them to fill out the information form with your stage name. E-gift cards can be redeemed online at the appropriate store. Be aware that Amazon will show your real name on your wishlist if you do not set it up correctly. Also be aware that, unless you have a mail forwarding system, that Amazon will show your city and state. As I mention above, anything added from a third party vendor can have a confirmation receipt sent to the buyer that could contain all your real and personal information. When signing up for an Amazon wishlist, you can opt to install a universal wishlist button on your internet toolbar. This button will allow you to add items from other sites onto your list. These "other sites" are what I referred to as third party vendors. If you are an amateur camgirl, do not mess with Amazon until you have a secure and safe way to receive packages.
  • Eden Fantasys - This wishlist is one of the best I have found so far. It will only display your screen name and state. No personal information is exchanged between either the buyer or the model ever. The buyer will need to make an account with this site before they are allowed to gift an item to you however. It's no big deal, but make sure you explain this to someone who is interested in making a purchase. It can be a confusing and annoying process if you do not warn them. Once a purchase is made, the model will get a confirmation email where she is able to review the items purchased and track them.
  • Victoria's Secret - Victoria's secret is another site that allows gifts to be sent out and more and more models are receiving gifts through victoria's secret. i personally have not used it and can't vouch for how to set up a wishlist on victoria's secret or if a model or cam girl can even use it for a wishlist. Some sites actually don't allow wishlists to be set up on any site containing adult content which myfreecams and chaturbate both have. Due to the live sex shows and adult video chat nature of mfc, chaturbate and other webcam sites  you can also not use paypal. so wishlists are the best alternative

  • Fredericks of Hollywood - I have seen this site popping up more and more with cam girls and video chat models profiles lately. The wishlists are very detailed and they do seem to allow adult chat models to receive gifts. So if you are a cam girl and are looking for a new site to try a wishlist on you can try here

Webcam Members and models should be wary of non reputable sites and scams!

If you are an adult chat site member looking to give a gift to a model you should really consider using their wishlist. Because you can't give a donation or monetary gift using paypal. wishlists are the next safest option. If you see a model advertising a wishlist for an unheard of non reputable site you may want to think twice and do some research. also watch out for western union scams as many models that are not honest and trustworthy will ask you to send money through western union for whatever reason. Be wary of this and ask questions. do your own research and most of all be safe. happy webcam chatting.hope you enjoy getting or giving your gifts. 

Jan 6, 2013

My Free webcam reviews - Sites like MFC, F4F, C2C, Cam4 and chaturbate

Posted by at 8:39 PM

MyFreeCams Girls and free private tokens or showssOpen mybabecams in a new window

When MyFreeCams LIVE ADULT WEBCAM REVIEW site first announced their new site in our forum  they didn't get a very positive response.  
Myfreecams loader reviews adult webcam reviews of the site at the time because they were IP blocking my country -- but thankfully that's stopped now as well.

Now one of the largest cam sites it has re-written the rules about how the field works, or you can consider they have actually created a new field of webcam chat.  Free shows with tips of tokens to fund things and a new generation of camgirl stars.  But first onto the site itself.

The site developers are obviously, as they have said themselves, real geeks who have spent the time to make a technically sophisticated site that uses advanced web technologies.  Now that may not matter to the average viewer or host, but it should ultimately mean a less buggy and more secure site.

Basic cam site functions such as thumbnails and ways to filter the list of online hosts is all there, though with unusual twists such as the fact that you don't say which ethnicities you WANT to see, but rather those you wish to EXCLUDE.

And note this isn't ethnicity as most sites would filter by, but geo region.  So if you want to see just Latina models then this isn't going work for you.  Grouping Asia with Pacific Islands is a little strange too.
Signup is free -- first you can choose your nick, then separately if you give and validate an email address you get a basic account.  They'd like you to put down some cash as soon as possible though and you are soon prompted "As soon as you buy tokens you will be instantly upgraded to a Premium Member free".  You automatically become a premium member once you purchase tokens the first time on MyFreeCams . Then you remain a premium member forever, it doesn't expire after some time as some sites have with the extra privs for real spending members.

Once you are a premium member you get to do things like email to models, or PM online models.
And of course go into private shows.  Shows are 60 tokens a minute.  Tokens are between 8 cents and 10 cents each depending on how many you buys.  So that works out at $4.80 to six dollars a minute!   This is Flirt4Free territory in terms of pricing -- if you get sticker shock at $6/minute then you'd better stop reading now and go back to imLive, Camcontacts or even ifriends.

If you're still with me now then you'll be glad to know that you can buy your tokens via CC either with Epoch or CCBill, two large and reputable companies.  $75 gets you 900 tokens at the best rate, or if you want to just test the waters then a $20 payment will get you 200 tokens to spend on adult webcam chat.
Now actually  you can spend a lot of time --- chatting and in video and seeing plenty of nudity -- without spending a penny.  Pop up the free adult web cam chat window and just keep hitting the "Next Model" button until you see someone you like -- it's easy, possibly too easy.   They make channel flipping through cam girls just a click away.
This should be a recipe for beggar heaven -- but they have that under control, partly by allowing hosts to "silence" unregistered guests.  And even as a viewer you can choose to ignore guests and/or basic members.
All the hosts I visited had music playing -- sometimes it's just fun to go through and see who has a tune playing you like!  And yes the PunkRock girl -- with plenty of tattoos and cute bare breasts -- was playing, and singing along, to rock.
There were about 1000 video chat rooms running -- but that included some or so where the host was "away".    Why list them if they away?  There are also ones in Private which are listed because you can elect to spy on private shows.

Free cams are quite easy to find. Proper adult webcam review sites are a different story. if you want a really private private show then for a mere then the normal 6you can pay 80 minute (eight bucks a minute!) the spy function is turned off for that session
Now strangely the Asian models MyFreeCams have their own separate page as of Aug 2008 -- and only "small selection of the very best ones will be also shown on the default homepage".  Why not just provide a filter on the home page?

Throughout the site they make a big deal about being a real community - and indeed they provide lots of enablers for that like friends lists and internal email.  I've also heard that at this site it is common for hosts to drop in on their "neighbour" chat rooms to see how things are going and to hang out.
But how much do they pay? 

Well I can't find a lot of information about that -- basically the usual stuff about how it is more than everybody else. "We pay MUCH more than any other webcam site on the internet"  What's so hard about actually stating a percentage?   In their original announcement in the forum 3 years ago they said variously 50% or 60%.   As 50% is exactly what ifriends pays that would not be more, and I don't consider 60% "much" more. 

 Myfreecams Payment actually comes through turning tokens into cash, and each token is worth 50cents to the model.  How much it costs the viewer depends on how many they buy at a time.

I'll agree that it is on the high end though -- many sites are only paying 30% these days so get 50% while you can!  No details whatsoever on how payments are done, minimum amounts or anything like.  Just "bi-weekly".

Do not bother to apply to myfreecams if you are a mature model though, or a gay model as they only want "females age 18-35".  No guys, no couples, and that means actual sex on cam can only be found at these sites: Chaturbate, Flirt4free, Streamate, Cam4, F4F. Not on MFC (MyFreeCams). 

Myfreecams hosts - Some  have tried to get guys onto cam sex to do live sex show but quickly get banned by the MFC admins.

To signup go here -- but note it isn't a real signup form where you can create your account immediately, rather it looks like a contact form so I guess someone will be in touch to discuss.  What does that mean?  That they are selective I would guess which can be good (if you get it) or bad (if you don't)
For a new 2011 take on the ideas that MFC have developed also check out chatkurbate
If you have any more information about MyFreeCams, please drop me a note in the webcam forum, thanks.
Pro for ExhibitionistsHigh payout, Nice friendly site
Con for ExhibitionistsFree chat is mandatory and you are competing with lots of bare tits for attention
Pro for VoyeursNice community feel, good range of different types of hosts
Con for VoyeursExpensive if you don't want to just live on what you see via tips.
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