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Myfreecams and chaturbate free cams

MFC Pros 

Myfreecams thousands of models on the site but on some days there are between 250-708 models logged in. So exposure is pretty good.- They have a pretty good and fast pay out schedule and plan even though it is shitty that they tell foreign models that they have to earn over $1000 in order to get Direct deposit.-You have potential to make alot of money but you have to put in the hours.-Exposure is everywhere (You can't go anywhere without seeing an advertisement for the site.) 

-There is an open window situation with Guests seeing you shenanigans on cam for free hence the name (myfreecams) which can be very annoying. But guests numbers put you on the front page more than Basics and Premium which means more exposure but less pay in the end.
-1 token equaling $.05 which adds up but you have to put the time in and it could take some girls forever to make a decent check. You virtually have to demand or sweet talk your way into tokens.
-Trolls and banning. Trolls are very adamant about making you angry and ignoring them is sometimes not enough. Banning normally doesn't even work as fast as you want it to which is bullshit on MFC's part.
-Only the top ten contenders for Miss MFC are getting paid. Sad but true. While others pull lamps out of their asses trying to think of something new to do, The top girls troll under user accounts or guest accounts to see what new girls are doing. yeah.

Streamate: and flirt4free
-Signing up with a studio is probably the way to go with SM you get your money on time.
-They have great payouts routes to go Check by FedEx, DD, iPayout, eWallet etc (which MFC just started offering)
-You are actually working for a great payout. I worked on the site for a combination of 2 hours and made $80 where on MFC you have to be on for 6 to even get that.
-Payout is weekly from Saturday 7pm-to Saturday 6:59. So money comes back to back unlike MFC where you have to wait 2 weeks and two days for money
-Foreign Models need to accumulate $1000 minimum for Direct Deposit
-Sometimes it is hard to stay online when the camera won't let you broadcast.

Hm so given my situation as having a goal to get an apartment, I believe Streamate will definitely be the winner in choosing a website to cam in during school :)
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